Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rubies, Emeralds, & Diamonds, Oh My! (Part 3)

It was THE RING. It was lost. YES! LOST! I was crazy upset, but pretending I had perspective. Even though I had only thought about moving to California for five seconds, suddenly I was into it.
I thought I lost it while going to the bathroom. I have this bad habit of every time I wash my hands, I take off THE RING. No matter where I am.
I had 24-hour notice about the interview, and I ran around like a maniac getting things together and preparing. And then once I was there, it was Suit after Suit. Talking. Questioning. Pretending to care. Feigning interest. Forced laughter. Awkward pauses.
While talking to Suit Four, I noticed THE RING was gone. I said, “I don’t mean to interrupt you, but I need to run to the bathroom for a second. I think I lost my ring.” I checked all over the bathroom, but didn’t see it.
I decided even though I was dying inside, I’d have to save my freak out for later. I wanted this job.
I told Suit Four the news. He asked me how much THE RING was worth. When I told him $11,000, he lost it. He kept talking about his Rolex, and how upset he’d be if he lost it. He called the manager, hotel security and then the police.
It was a big deal to me, but Suit Four was really taking it personally. He told me about the expensive jewelry he bought for himself over the years. The more Suit Four gushed about jewelry, the more I realized how dumb it all was. I didn’t want to be like Suit Four. Let’s face it, who does?
Finally he stopped talking about it, and we finished our interview. But there was still one more person to meet.
The Suit of all Suits. I can’t even call him Suit Five, because he was more distinctive. He was the boss. The Head Honcho. Numero Uno,
even to himself. And he was tall. Really tall. Tall people really do have an advantage in life besides being able to reach shit.
I wanted to impress him, but as Suit Four was walking away he said, “Did you hear? She just lost an $11,000 ring?” Somebody needed to smack Suit Four.
He asked me if I needed a minute after losing something so valuable, but I told him I was fine. He blinked and said the interview was over. I said, “I don’t understand.” He looked at me and said, “If anyone can get on a plane with 24-hour notice, interview all day, lose something valuable and then handle it like you have, that’s someone I want to work with. You got my vote.” And he left. It was over, and I flew back home.
It felt like I’d been gone from NYC for weeks. I walked into my apartment, and thought about ordering Chinese food, but went into the bathroom first. And there sitting on the sink was THE RING.
I realized I had taken it off while washing my hands right before I left for the airport. It was here the entire time.
A few days later I was walking around Columbus Circle. An unusually warm 45-degrees for that time of year, it was almost hot. My phone rang, and it was Suit Four offering me the job, but I respectfully declined. I told him, “Something had come up.” He asked me if I found my ring? Should I tell him the truth? He would be relieved but...nah, I kept it to myself.

I shut my cell phone and one sapphire in THE RING caught the light. It felt like Spring was just around the corner. Now that’s a good time to live in NYC.


  1. ...I walked into my apartment, and thought about ordering Chinese food, but went into the bathroom first. And there sitting on the sink was THE RING.
    I realized I had taken it off while washing my hands right before I left for the airport. It was here the entire time
    ... bet you felt relieved knowing that 11 G's worth of bling was still in your possession...I know I've done this with money...when I get home and find it all I ever want to do is go out and immediately spend it :-)

  2. Okay I am not good with nuances. What happened? You didn't like California any more? Thought Mr Suit of Suits sounded like a good boss and with his attitude you might just be the shoo-in for Suit 4's job.
    Ah well, glad you found the ring (shudders at the thought of it's loss).

    All that glitters is :)

  3. I'm happy for you that you found your ring. I know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you lose something of value. Your ring sounds more like a California ring than a NY ring. I live in a cold climate and don't wear any rings with stones in the winter because they catch on gloves and I'm afraid the gems will come out. Often I don't wear gloves, but freeze my hands. So what to do?

  4. My girlfriend Cynthia and I were in the kitchen, preparing some hamburger patties, and chatting while our husbands were starting the coals outside. We were sipping a little wine and making a salad too. I think Cynthia was also taking the husks off some ears of corn. We had a lovely dinner.

    After Cynthia and Jack left, we were in watching television when the phone rang. It was Cynthia and she was upset. What's wrong? She had lost her wedding band. Did you take it off, I asked her? And she responded that she had when she was working with the hamburger.

    I ran downstairs and sure enough, right next to the sponge and the detergent is the platinum band with the emeralds and diamonds. Holy Shit!

    Now, Sweetheart, I NEVER take off my rock. Not ever. Not for anyone. Not for any reason. Having surgery? Fine, tape over it. That baby does not come off. Period. No exceptions.

    I packaged up Cynthia's ring and had it couriered to her the next morning. (She lives quite a ways away.) I know she was very relieved. Let the under ring goo add up. You do not need to be pulling that think off and on. One day, you'll leave it someplace and not get it back.

    Or take it off and stick it in the safe. Pull it out for "occasions". But it's either or. That's too expensive a trinket to lose.

  5. HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whew! Sorry I have been missing you! Some sense of normalcy has returned, and I'm so happy for you!

    This post had a nice RING to it!

    Oh come on---I so HAD to say it!


  6. Whew...I've had this scare like this before and it was nothing nice. This reminds me of a story I wrote a few yrs ago about a ring, for some reason one of the most difficult pieces of jewelry to keep up with.

    I have really been missing out...If I didn't mention this before, you're writing is really good. You really inspired me.

  7. Finally catching up on your blogs. I stayed at a hotel in Cherry Grove where I did a set once, and I think that the walls were spray painted with sperm.

  8. "I shut my cell phone and one sapphire in THE RING caught the light. It felt like Spring was just around the corner. Now that’s a good time to live in NYC." - love it!!!

  9. Just discovered your blog yesterday, read your last 10 or 12 posts & am now a follower! You are one helluva writer! One question--if you're on a climb to nowhere, how can you tell when you get there?

  10. Happy ending. You found THE RING and Mr. Suit #4 sounded weird anyway.

    Love the idea of California, though. How about you be bi-coastal??

  11. Wow, what a great story. I'm a little late to the party but I caught up on what everyone else was commenting on and definitely you need to make sure you never take off a ring that expensive again as said by Linda Medrano, and I totally agree with fishducky you are one helluva writer! And look...just look, right above me. A comment from dear, sweet, precious Kathryn. I'm so totally in agreement that you should be bi-coastal and drag Kathryn with you!!!! You both are awesome!

  12. This was a great read- what a story! I cannot believe you got the job, lost and found the ring, AND ended up staying in NYC after all. But I don't blame you- who really wants to move to the suburbs, learn to drive, and shop at Costco?

  13. Another great story. I am so happy you found the ring but I am sure not as happy as you were! Have a great weekend.

  14. you really shld have your own book! farreals! amazing stowie

  15. You got me at "It was the ring" and I too was lost! ♥

  16. I've been thinking about you and getting a little worried. Just a quick "I'm fine" post would be great!


  17. It's been a while since I've caught up on blogs, but this is good, very suspenseful. Well done!

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