Monday, October 31, 2011

Dear Fans...

Fans of Climb to Nowhere have been sending me emails and asking for a new story.  They want to be on the edge of their seats while falling over with laughter.  Who doesn't?   I mean really... Unfortunately, I've been busy working the past few months, but lately people have been asking me for advice regarding work.  So I thought it might be fun to post some of the questions I've been asked and the answers I gave.  Maybe it'll help your career the way it's helped mine.  And if not, I hope it'll make you laugh.  

One of my friends sells real estate and she's great at it, but one of the owners of the company was giving her trouble.   

Q:  "I don't know what to do, and I've about had it. I work for a small company where one of the owners does nothing all day.  This guy is a real hot head and even though I'm one of the top sales reps there, he thinks nothing of yelling at me.  If it wasn't for me his company wouldn't be doing half as well as it's doing.  What should I do?" -- READY TO QUIT

A:  Ready to quit?  Get ready to yell.  There is no way I'm letting you quit your job, during the bad economy, where you make good money, just because of a hot head boss.  When someone yells at you -- you yell back.  When your boss yells at you -- you yell back louder.  Do not let him intimidate you.  As a top sales rep, you hold all the power.  Bosses that do nothing need workers like you to make money for them because we both know their lazy asses aren't going to do it.  Bullies back down quick when they see you're not intimidated.  After you take him out get ready for the groveling and the backpedaling, and maybe it's even time to get ready for a raise.

If you have a work/job/boss/life/whatever question you'd like me to answer let me know.

More stories are coming soon.

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