Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Dog is a C*#?% Block (Part 2)

I wanted to ask Sweet But Has Boring Friends if he was gay or straight, but I didn’t know what the etiquette was. Plus she was in deep conversation with her boring friends so it’d be tough to drag her away. I continued to play the game in my head, and then noticed it was almost one in the morning. I had to get back to the Barkersteins. I was late and the dogs were going to be nuts!

I said goodbye to my friend when “Straight or Gay?” jumped up to leave with

me. We walked out, and he offered to grab me a cab. I told him I was going to walk a little, so he started walking me home. Next thing you know we’re kissing on the corner. While I was kissing him I kept thinking, is he straight or gay? I just didn’t know. I was really attracted to him, but when we kissed it didn’t do it for me. But maybe it was because I was still asking that nagging question.

We kept walking, and then he started doing something that isn’t straight or gay. It’s weird. Whenever we stopped walking he’d take his fingers and do this weird pushing thing on my spine. Some type of accupuncture I guess. Luckily it was dark because my face was showing fear and a little bit of pain. Sweetly, I said, thanks for

the massage? I shouldn’t of encouraged him because he kept doing it every time we weren’t walking, but I really wanted to know what the hell he was doing.Then I just started kissing him because anything was better than this weird thing up and down my back. Was this supposed to be a turn on? It felt like a medical procedure. The kissing was definitely getting hotter so I overlooked the odd massage.

We finally got back to my apartment, and he asked me if I wanted him to come up. I did want him to, but I still wasn’t sure. I thought there was only one way to really find out so I was going in. We needed to really test things in the lab. These weren’t unchartered waters. I wasn’t the first woman in this dilemma. As long as he cut the shit out he was doing to my back I figured it'd be


Once we were in the elevator I remembered the dogs. So I told him about them and asked him if he could do something for me. I told him to walk in the apartment and immediately sit on the floor. If he stood there I figured it’d be worse, but if he got down on their level I hoped it’d be better.



  1. Now, if I were to do that, (ask a guy to get down on the floor), I'm afraid my 90 pound pit bull mix would think he was dinner. Honey, my 75 pound pit/german shepherd mix, would want to be his lover. So I never do that. (Oh, and I'm married, but that's not the point here.) Your pups look a little small to be considered personal protection units, but maybe not. Hurry up! I want the grand finale!

  2. This is pretty interesting and funny. You were annoyed by his manipulations on your back but now you're turned on by him. How are the dogs going to react? WOW..... what a cliff hanger!!! I'm hanging in there by my fingernails. You tell a great story, lady!!!!
    Hurry up. Can't wait.
    Love and Peace

  3. OMG--I'm so waiting for the next installment!

    Yeah, that's it!

    Loving it!!!


  4. Tap--tap--is this thing on...checking as my comments have been really screwing up lately!


  5. Weird massage you say? Yeah... I probably wouldn't have gotten passed that. I'm also curious what his response to being asked to get on the floor is. Given where my mind is at lately.

  6. Ahh, the dog test. what happens next? Will the dogs love him? Will he bail?

    Come on Part 3....

  7. What is with it when guys do weird crap like the un-massage? Clearly some girl must have given them the impression that they liked it, and now he has made it part of his repertoire, never having been told that it's just plain weird. Looking forward to the next piece of the story! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. "Next thing you know we're kissing on the corner?" Hahaha! I can't wait to hear what he says to your request for him to sit on the floor. Sitting here on pins & needles waiting for the rest of the story!!! I may not get any work done today!

  9. Between the creepy chiropractor moves and an introduction to the Barkersteins’ you’ve got quite a set for your story finale…I’m sure it’s gonna be hella hilarious (^_^)

  10. *howling* Perhaps he was a chiropractor and trying to "loosen you up." *lol*
    It will be interesting to see if he runs when you ask him to sit on the floor.